The agency

It all started with the «Piterstory» — web-magazine about current events in Saint-Petersburg. It was fancy, fresh and unusual, so it quickly became popular. Then people got interest in ads in our magazine, so we realized, that we can make good advertising and sell it. We found the right people — creative editors, designers and marketologists. And we loved the way we work together, try something new. So we became professionals in stylish web-design, polygraph, souvenirs and many more.


Our goal

To solve our client’s problems with PR. We’re just like psychiatrists: we listen, make a diagnosis, select an effective treatment and eliminate the problem. Marketing and advertising should work. And they work in My Media Group. That’s why all who came to us have become a constant clients.


Our values

1. Transparency

Everything is clear with us. We can clarify what we do, why we do it and when.

2. Professionalism

We are professionals, that’s why our opinion may differ from yours. But be sure that we suggest an alternative.

3. Creativity

Our content is unique. That’s why it works.

4. We care

We can’t be indifferent if it comes to our client’s image, status and reputation. We’re fans of our projects.


What do we do?


Do you need press-kits, press-releases, media planning, distribution? Or maybe you want to participate in important event of your field? We can make all of that.


We make logos, identity, brandbooks and guidelines.


We write texts of any complexity level: mediakits, filling for your website, an interview or research.

Offline events

You want to organize a sale, workshop, seminar or conference? We’re here to help you.


We make all kinds of it from scratch: cutaways, catalogues, flyers, posters, stickers, menu, banners and many more.

Social media marketing

We can effectively manage your accounts in any social network. We can analyze, choose a strategy and make it work. Targeting ads is also our strong point.


Our programmers can make a comfortable, logical and stylish site that will become a prefect representation of your company in the web.


One of our strong points is souvenirs: your logo can appear on t-shirt, cup, flashdrive and many other items. So your clients will never forget about your company.






Стать клиентом

Отправьте заявку — и мы свяжемся с вами в считанные минуты.

Вы также можете позвонить или написать нам, а лучше — заехать в гости на чашечку кофе. Мы будем рады!

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